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We are an independent and exclusive M & A boutique. Our focus are Mergers & Acquisitions for small and medium sized companies. We serve our clients comprehensively, and accept only a limited number of projects to ensure our clients a conscientious processing appropriate to the projects.

Our clients medium sized companies with revenues between 5 - 100 million €, we accept, if we believe to offer added value and to be able to realize it.

Our motivation

The most M & A companies consist of investment bankers with financial knowledge, but little operational experience and judgement about opportunities, risks and potential of a medium-sized company. The latter is crucial for a successful sale of a company - or buy. What sets us apart:

  • Managing director in corpoate and medium-sized enterprises, in domestic and abroad
  • Founding, building and selling own companies
  • 30 years of international experience, in the professional and successfull completion of M & A transactions
  • pronounced corporate finance and restructuring experience.

Our knowledge and experience we employ competently, discreetly and reliably with pragmatism and final strength for the success of our clients. 

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Mergers&Acquisitions and Taxes

Mergers & Acquisition and Taxes "Ignorance of tax laws does not exempt from the obligation to pay tax. But often the knowledge." Meyer A. Rothschild, Banker (1744-1812) "The tax law is so complicated and obscure as fog with visibility in 50 m." Heinrich List,...
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What is a share deal?

What is a share deal? Pros and cons of the share deal Share deal means sale of the shares of a company within the meaning of section 453 BGB, so a legal purchase of preventive nature and a transfer of shares by way of assignment. The share deal means for the buyer a...
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What is an asset deal?

 What is an asset deal? What advantages and disadvantages does an asset deal have? The asset deal means the transfer of certain assets, liabilities and legal relations of a society or a society to a buyer. Implemented according to § 433 BGB, the REM transfer according...
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The best time for selling a company?

The best time for selling company? Is there such a thing as the best time for selling a company at all? Of course, you could consider, the best time as always the one, if you don't "need" sell! However, we sell companies in crisis...
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M&A-Firmenverkauf- Unternehmensnachfolge

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